Ever stuck in a scenario where you want a hotfix or need an individual functionality deployed on production? Parallel Git Branching does not work here!!

No worries... You are at the right place to get a solution to it.

For those who are unaware of the general Git Branching workflow, let's have a brief about it.

The Git Flow is the most known workflow on this list. It was created by Vincent Driessen in 2010 and it is based on two main branches with an infinite lifetime: Develop and Master.

General Git Branching Flow has the following branches and workflow…

I have to admit, I was missing something very important as a perspective of user experience. I was missing the Accessibility feature of our operating system while developing a production application. We all know that our OS gives us the ability to increase or decrease the font size as per the user convenience but are we using it to test our applications?

If you have published the application or in production lets follow the below steps for a good test on your mobile phone:

iOS : System Settings -> Accessibility -> Display and Text Size -> Large Text -> Turn…

“Students and their Studies”

The ICSE class X and XII results came out earlier this week and CBSE class X and XII likely to be announced in coming week. As a 95% aggregate becomes as common as a COVID-19 these days (new normal) and cut-offs for good colleges has become insane, we wonder if there is anyone in this era who hasn’t scored amazing marks. In the noise of high scores let’s not forget the essence of studies and its values. We often succor the low scoring student with some headlines that scream ‘marks don’t matter’. But then the question arises.

If it doesn’t…

Dishita shah

Senior Software Engineer

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