Git Branching Work Flow for individual and independent functionality deployment

  • develop-* — This branch is used for development purposes only. Developers merge their pre-production code into develop branch and use it for testing purposes.
  • stage-* — This branch supports the preparation of a new production release. They allow many minor bugs to be fixed and preparation of meta-data for a release.
  • master-* — This branch contains production code. All development code is merged into master.

General Flow :

  1. Developer creates an epic branch from “develop”. Once pre-production code is generated, he/she moves the epic branch code into the “develop” branch.
  2. Once testing on develop branch is done, it stages its code to the “stage” branch for quality assurance.
  3. After the test cases are passed, the code is pushed to the “master” branch for production release.
What now?
  1. Create your epic branch from the master branch.
  2. After the developer has done adding an individual feature to their epic branch merge your epic branch to develop and test it.
  3. Once tested, merge your epic branch to stage as well for quality assurance
  4. After all the test cases pass on the stage branch, merge your epic branch with a particular feature to the master branch for production release.

Independent feature deployment Git Branching Work Flow in Detail and Stepwise

Git Branching Work Flow



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