“Students and their Studies”

The ICSE class X and XII results came out earlier this week and CBSE class X and XII likely to be announced in coming week. As a 95% aggregate becomes as common as a COVID-19 these days (new normal) and cut-offs for good colleges has become insane, we wonder if there is anyone in this era who hasn’t scored amazing marks. In the noise of high scores let’s not forget the essence of studies and its values. We often succor the low scoring student with some headlines that scream ‘marks don’t matter’. But then the question arises.

If it doesn’t matter why on earth would everyone go mad chasing them?

Well, Let’s answer it.

A Truth — “Neither is studies as void as not to try hard to seek it, nor is as major as to judge yourself with your marks”

This article is addressed to those mediocre who are stuck with their low or average score.

So, there are some no-nonsense tips on what to do when you have scores that suck and people give up on you. Here it goes…

  1. You are not your marks.

Yes, marks are important. They make life hell of a lot easier. High marks make people think you are smart and can achieve a lot in life. Colleges with a brand name let you come in with those set cut-offs. Companies comes to these colleges. They give you job which pays pretty well. With this money you can pay bills, get married, start a family, and produce kids who you will push to get higher marks and repeat this viscous cycle. This, for most people, is life -making, predictable, safe and stable as possible. Indian parents particularly love this zero-risk appetite life, where a monthly cash flow is assured and kids are born and raised as per plan. They have a word for it -settled. Some people love this word, ‘well-settled’. Well, a delay in settling down is the most and only sucking thing a lower scoring student gets.

2. The game of life is not over.

Exams don’t test creativity, imagination, interpersonal skills and communication which are way important in market. In life these are what matter. You build these skills through study or actual practice, and it is highly likely you will get somewhere in life, may not in your schooling but someday while practicing work.
Ask yourself where you slag off? Learn how business works. Not everyone can get creamy jobs, there are just way too many of us.Entrepreneurship is something a lot of youngsters will have to learn and try.

We have all heard stories of how the most successful person failed in their examinations or dropped out of college and then built a path to success for themselves. Well, now is the time to make use of these stories.

Keeping yourself motivated and inspired all the time.

3. Strive for excellence.

In whatever you do, try to excel. Excellence in board exams can be measured through marks, but over time in life, it will stop. What will matter is what people think of you. Your reputation, your reliability, and your word will build your own mini-brand. Once that happens, people will stop asking about your marks, or where you studied.
You will be a person you portray and not what your marks portray.

Yes, I was one of those toppers and you are reading my thoughts on high scores in this article. Nobody has asked me for my marks in a long time. Trust me, I have seen many of those scholars done nothing with those high scores and many of those average students getting their best for themselves.

Marks are not everything and there is a bigger picture that you have to focus on. When you are going through a tough phase, nobody would ask you for your mark sheet.
So focus on making yourself a better person. Give all that you have in everything that you do and strive for excellence. Success will follow.

4. Explore new options.

World is not just bounded at becoming Engineer, Doctor or C.A. While you take a break from all the drama that surrounds you, what you can do is take a deep breathe, grab all that potential to get in front of your screens and research. Research for the things happening all round the world that interests you and just step into it. Talk to the right person, let all those negatives go out of your life and explore.

These can be great options if you are talented at something, are innovative/creative, and most importantly, do not wish to hold a conventional 9-to-5 job. Remember everyone is born with some or another skill. All you need to do is invent what already rely inside you.

Why not give a chance to your entrepreneurial ideas?

Why not explore your passion for clicking pictures of wildlife or just painting it?

Why not test your ability to weave a story by setting up your own blog?


Your marks help you to enter the professional field but it does not define your success in it. Once you enter professional life, your marks and college tag start carrying less weight. Ultimately, your skills, knowledge, talent, attitude and approach will speak greater volumes about your caliber.

So, while life has dealt you a blow, try not to let it affect you too much. Dust yourself off, and get back in the game!

Good Luck for Future :)

Hint Source — economictimes,mangoosh